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The Bassoon (Numerous Song)
Quenton Ashlyn
bassoon, narrator, piano
Catalogue Number: HV008
Duration: approx. 4 minutes
Piano and bassoon/voice part: £6.00
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Skill level (A-E): C
The Bassoon
Original Cover Page
Original Cover Page

Quenton Ashlyn was the pseudonym of society entertainer Frank Kennedy. In his autobiography "The Mighty God and a Sinner", he described his natural talent for music and that the concert hall and theatre greatly fascinated him. Before his entertainment career he was employed in clerical duties on a Royal Commission, but he became so successful as a society entertainer that he abandoned government service. He composed humorous songs which achieved popularity and a wide circulation. He went to the Torrey-Alexander Mission at the Albert Hall, London in 1905 after which he gave up the theatre life and lived as a devout Christian.

This edition has extra 'bits' (Mozart, Dukas, Godfrey etc.) courtesy of Gareth Newman.

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