Hop Vine Music Newshttp://www.hopvine-music.com/News from Hop Vine MusicenCopyrght 2006 Hugh Field-RichardsSchneider Quartet in C minor, Vol. 1, No. 6 Schneider Quartet in C minor, Vol. 1, No. 6 is now available. This completes the first volume of the Schneider Bassoon Quartets. I am continuing to work on Volume 2 which should be completed by the middle of 2012. They will be published in order as they become available. Volume 3 should be completed by the end of 2012, beginning of 2013 — watch this space! news.html#20120117 01/17/2012 Schneider Quartet in E flat, Vol. 2, No. 1 Schneider Quartet in E flat, Vol. 2, No. 1 is now available. news.html#20120126 01/26/2012 New choral/orchestral work "The Wanderer" is a large scale choral work for SATB and full orchestra by John Frith. It is based on the poems of John Masefield. This is a substantial, very lyrical setting and recommended to any choir and orchestra that wants something new and challenging to work on. The style is very approachable and a real audience pleaser. Note that this item is for hire only; please contact the publisher for further details. news.html#20120217 02/17/2012 Schneider Quartet in G, Vol. 2, No. 2 Schneider Quartet in G, Vol. 2, No. 2 is now available. news.html#20120225 02/25/2012 New Quintet arrangement Mozart's aria from Don Giovanni "Batti, batti, o bel masetto" arranged for Wind Quintet is now available. news.html#20120315 03/15/2012 Mozart Rondo Quintet arrangement Mozart's Rondo in A minor K.511 arranged for Wind Quintet is now available. news.html#20120320 03/20/2012 Updating edition entries I am gradually adding single page PDF files for each edition. I have done this because Sibelius Scorch does not seem to work with latest Versions of Safari (>5.1). news.html#20120327 03/27/2012 Schneider Quartet correction Annoyingly I have found a small mistake in the preface of Volume 1 of the Schneider Quartets for bassoon and strings. Volume 3, Number 5 is in B flat not E flat as stated in the first print run. I have changed it so Volume 2 and 3 should be correct. It obviously does not affect the actual score. news.html#20120328 03/28/2012 Schneider Quartet in G, Vol. 2, No. 3 Schneider Quartet in G minor, Vol. 2, No. 3 is now available. news.html#20120411 04/11/2012 Schneider Quartet in C, Vol. 2, No. 4 Schneider Quartet in C, Vol. 2, No. 4 is now available. news.html#20120412 04/12/2012 Site update Because of problems that some people have had with Scorch on Safari and other browsers, I am adding PDF examples of some editions. Ultimately every edition will have this when I have time.. news.html#20120427 04/27/2012 Three Dances for Bassoon Trio Michael Norris Three Dances for Bassoon Trio is now available. Please note that this edition is now the definitive one and replaces the Sirron Publications edition (see news item below). Also note that there is a pirated edition of the Tango from the Three Dances available (under the fictitious composers name "Manuel Martinez") and with errors in it. Only the Hop Vine edition (and obviously the old Sirron Publications' edition) is the definitive one, authorised by the composer and reflects what he wrote. Please respect copyright and use the Hop Vine edition — the other Trios in the editions are just as good as the Tango so it is worth getting the best edition! news.html#20120615 06/15/2012 Sirron Publications Hop Vine Music is pleased to announce that they have acquired the rights to publish select editions of Sirron Publications of Glasgow. Sirron Publications was run for many years by bassoonist Michael Norris who played with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra from 1966–1986. He was invited by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama to teach music theory and coached there until retiring in 1999. As a composer he has written works for different genres, including youth opera, orchestra, concert wind-band and brass band, vocal music, chamber and electronic music. Initially we will be publishing his Three Dances (Waltz, Tango and Galop) immediately followed by Three More Dances (Tango, Mazurka and Tarantella). I have played them (with Crooks Anonymous) many times and still rate them as some of the best ever written for bassoon trio. There will many other woodwind editions to follow from this fine composer over the next few months. news.html#20120615 06/15/2012 Orchestral Hire We are adding a restricted catalogue of hire material for some new orchestral pieces. Due to their size and performance requirements it is unrealistic to have these as sale items. See this page for more details, news.html#20120710 07/10/2012 Three More Dances for Bassoon Trio Michael Norris Three More Dances for Bassoon Trio is now available. news.html#20120711 07/11/2012 Six Bagatelles for Bassoon Trio Michael Norris Six Bagatelles for Bassoon Trio is now available. These have never been published before and compliment the set of Dances that the composer wrote. news.html#20120824 08/24/2012 Sibelius Scorch Due to major problems with Sibelius Scorch I have decided that in future I will not be showing pages from the editions using Scorch. A reluctant decision but driven by problems with Scorch and modern browsers which Avid seem reluctant to fix. I may reconsider this if Avid's attitude to supporting Sibelius changes. I will be using PDF examples pages and MP3 audio files only to replace Scorch pages; this will give me far more control in how the examples sound and appear. news.html#20120824 08/24/2012 Schneider Quartet in F, Vol. 2, No. 5 Schneider Quartet in F, Vol. 2, No. 5 is now available. news.html#20120830 08/30/2012 Schneider Quartet in C minor, Vol. 2, No. 6 Schneider Quartet in C minor, Vol. 2, No. 6 is now available. This completes Volume 2 of this three volume set. We hope to complete this final volume by mid-2013. news.html#20120928 09/28/2012 Suite Jazzmin for Saxophone Quartet Michael Norris Suite Jazzmin for Saxophone Quartet is now available. This three movement work is in a light jazz idiom and was written for the Scottish Saxophone Quartet, who included it on their CD "The Rains are Coming". A thoroughly playable work for Sax quartets who want a crowd pleaser — a real gem of a piece. news.html#20121117 11/17/2012 Suite Assortment for Wind Quartet Michael Norris Suite Assortment for Wind Quartet is now available. The movements are named after sweets: Strawberry Cup, Lemon Sherbet, Coffee Cream, Humbug, Acid Drop and Marshmallow! A really entertaining and playable set of pieces from this talented composer. news.html#20121215 12/15/2012 Barcarolle Tchaikovsky's Barcarolle — "June" from The Seasons for Wind Quintet is now available. This lovely arrangement has been done by Christopher Britton from the renowned Oxford based Pavlova Quintet. news.html#20121215 12/15/2012 "Persephone" Michael Norris "Persephone" for Flute Quartet is now available. news.html#20130119 01/19/2013 Schneider Quartet in C, Vol. 3, No. 1 Schneider Quartet in C, Vol. 3, No. 1 is now available. This is the start of the final volume of these quartets. news.html#20130223 02/23/2013 Errors I have found some pesky errors in HV051, Pleyel Partita No. 6, which I have detailed here Really sorry about this to those who have bought this edition. Inexcusable to have so many in a single edition. Clearly a lapse of concentration when checking it. Fairly obvious what the corrections should be if you played it but hope the errata on the entry should explain all. news.html#20130314 03/14/2013 Price update Please note that the prices of the Schneider bassoon quartets have been revised. Sorry to do this but the printing costs have escalated in the last few years. We are going to review the pricing of all our catalogue, but hope to keep any changes to a minimum. news.html#20130314 03/14/2013 Choral Distributor I am happy to announce the addition of a new UK distributor for our choral editions: Allegro Music. news.html#20130529 05/29/2013 Bassoon Quartet and Harpsichord Michael Norris Three Bagatelles for Bassoon Quartet and Harpsichord is now available. news.html#20130804 08/04/2013 Schneider Quartet in C, Vol. 3, No. 2 Schneider Quartet in C, Vol. 3, No. 2 is now available. All the quartets are now finished and just require final detailed checking. My apologies to all those waiting for these items. It has taken a little longer than anticipated due to other works being finalised. It was also a fine summer for riding and I took full advantage of this rather than sit in front of a computer screen. I hope to put out one a month to finish them off (only 4 to go). news.html#20130930 09/30/2013 Terpsichoreana Malcolm Pearce's "Terpsichoreana" (Five Dance Scenes) with word by Nia Williams is now available. This splendid new work is written for choir (SATB), brass quintet and a variety of percussion instruments (2 players). The movements are Pavane & Galliard Tarantella: Tarantula! Gavotte & Foxtrot: English country house party, 1920s Valse Antique: Figures on an ancient vase Samba — Salsa Vocal parts can be purchased, with instrumental parts and conductor's score for hire only. news.html#20131012 10/12/2013 Schneider Quartet in F, Vol. 3, No. 3 Schneider Quartet in F, Vol. 3, No. 3 is now available. news.html#20131130 11/30/2013 "Pros and Cons" Michael Norris' "Pros and Cons" for piccolo and bassoon duet is now available. news.html#20131231 12/31/2013 Schneider Quartet in E flat, Vol. 3, No. 4 Schneider Quartet in E flat, Vol. 3, No. 4 is now available. news.html#20131231 12/31/2013 Errata An error in the bassoon 2 part (Minuet) of Schneider's Sextet No. 2 in C minor has surfaced. The manuscript was a little hazy here but I should have spotted it earlier (and not used cut and paste!). My apologies and see the catalogue entry for details. news.html#20140117 01/17/2014 Schneider Quartets Vol. 3, No. 5 and 6 The remaining Schneider Quartets are now available. These are Quartet in F, Vol. 3, No. 5 and Quartet in C minor, Vol. 3, No. 6. This completes the entire set of 18 quartets which have been produced from the original composer's manuscripts held by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin-Preußischer Kulturbesitz Musikabteilung mit Mendelssohn-Archiv. All but two of these quartets are first editions. It should be noted that the Johann André edition that is available here has a considerable number of mistakes, even to changing the order of passages in places, as well as major articulation and dynamic changes. The other previous edition (E flat Vol. 3 No. 2) was published with an incorrect number (E flat Vol. 2 No. 2) and a number of mistakes. The Hop Vine Music edition corrects all these errors. news.html#20140129 01/29/2014 Errata An error in the bassoon 1 part (Galop) of Norris' Three Dances for Bassoon Trio. My apologies and see the catalogue entry for details. news.html#20140130 01/30/2014 New Quintet The Fantastic Scherzo is an arrangement for wind quintet of one of Josef Suk's orchestral pieces. news.html#20140415 04/15/2014 Recorder and Piano John Frith has a new work Mind Games for treble recorder and piano. A very playable piece for players of intermediate ability. news.html#20140612 06/12/2014 Bassoon Concertino A fine Concertino for Bassoon and Strings by Michael Norris. We publish a piano reduction and bassoon edition for purchase. The orchestral parts and conductor's score are for hire only. A study score is also available for purchase. Please contact us for further details. news.html#20140929 09/29/2014 Wind Serenade We are pleased to announce a major new work from John Frith Serenade for Wind (2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 4 horns 2 bassoons and contra-bassoon). A welcome 4 movement addition to the corpus of large wind serenades. news.html#20141025 10/25/2014 Cor Anglais and Piano A charming trio of pieces by John Frith, Three Cameos for cor anglais and piano. An alternative part for oboe is included. news.html#20141115 11/12/2014 Trio: "Armida" di Rossini A new edition of this trio (HV123) from the Rossini opera Armida. It was written in the early 19th century by Egisto Mosell; this edition is based on manuscripts from the Niccolo Paganini music library at the Conservatorio Statale in Genova. news.html#20150103 01/03/2015 Trio: "Otello" di Rossini Another trio (HV138) from the Rossini opera Otello, written in the early 19th century by Egisto Mosell; It is based on manuscripts from the Niccolo Paganini music library at the Conservatorio Statale in Genova. news.html#20150311 03/11/2015 Price adjustments Due to increased printing costs I have had to make a few adjustments on selected editions. My apologies for this but I have kept the majority of editions free of price increases for several years. news.html#20150408 04/8/2015 Trio: "My Cat Jeoffrey" Another very playable trio (HV139) for flute, clarinet and bassoon by John Frith inspired by the Christopher Smart poem. news.html#20150413 04/13/2015 Updated audio I have provided links to YouTube performances for Mind Games (recorder and piano) and House of the Rising Sun. Thanks to all concerned. news.html#20150413 04/13/2015 William Tell errata I have found a quantity of errors (too many) in the old edition of HV038 (William Tell: Overture and Arias) as well as just the Overture (HV039). My apologies to all who have purchased these editions — I think I have checked every bar but still some errors get through the net. Some of the errors resulted from misreading the original manuscript where it was not clear. Unfortunately these were not found on play through with my old sound system (since updated). Please see the errata in the catalogue entry page for each edition. They are being corrected in future print-runs and I can only say a heartfelt mea culpa and apologies to all. news.html#20150424 04/24/2015 Trio: "La Gazza Ladra" di Rossini Yet another trio (HV140) from the Rossini opera "La Gazza Ladra", written in the early 19th century by Egisto Mosell; It is based on manuscripts from the Niccolo Paganini music library at the Conservatorio Statale in Genova. news.html#20150601 06/01/2015 Quintet "Serenade Mauresque" by Elgar I have arranged another piece by Elgar from his Three Characteristic Pieces (Op. 10 No. 2) for wind quintet. The "Serenade Mauresque" seems to be liked by the other members of our quintet (Pentatonic) and our audiences, so I thought I would publish it. news.html#20150909 09/09/2015 Treble Recorder Sonata A fine new sonata from John Frith for treble recorder (or flute) and piano. news.html#20151006 10/06/2015 Suite for 4 Bassoons I am intending to output many of Geoffrey Hartley's unpublished works for wind instruments over the coming year. There are wind trios (in the classical style), concertos for various instruments and some choral works (cantatas) with wind obligato parts. Most bassoonists have at some time played his quartets and trios, available from June Emerson and Camden Music. I produced, through the latter publisher, a substantial amount of the composer's bassoon quartets under the Crooks Anonymous series and enjoyed playing them as part of that group for many years. I would like to thank the composer's daughter Sally Kirby for access to his manuscripts and permission to publish them. The first to be published is a Suite in C for 4 Bassoons (3 bassoons and cantra) in the style of Handel based on the composer's Concerto Grosso in F. news.html#20151110 11/10/2015 Grovlez Quintet A new arrangement of the piano pieces L'Almanach aux Images by Gabriel Grovlez. Very playable and seems to go down well with players and audiences alike. news.html#20160119 01/19/2016 Trio from Verdi's "Giovanna d'Arco" Another trio from the 19th century by Fermo Bellini for flute, clarinet and bassoon, "Capriccio, Reminiscenze dell'Opera". news.html#20160324 03/24/2016 Geoffrey Hartley Trios First two trios for flute, clarinet and bassoon by Geoffrey Hartley now ready, No. 1 in C and No. 2 in F. Fun pieces in the classical style. Remaining trios to follow soon — watch this space! news.html#20160324 03/24/2016 Geoffrey Hartley: Concerto A concerto in the style of Handel for 3 bassoons and orchestra in three movements. news.html#20160325 03/25/2016 Geoffrey Hartley: Concerto Grosso A Concerto Grosso for 4 Bassoons and Strings in 5 movements based on material from the earlier Suite for 4 Bassoons. These are the last works for bassoon quartet/trio that remained to be published. news.html#20160326 03/26/2016 Price changes Please note that the prices of some editions have increased. Most have not changed since they were first published, some over 8 years ago. Printing costs have reluctantly forced me to address this. news.html#20160331 03/31/2016 Errata I have found a number of unfortunate errors in HV040 Pleyel Partita No. 3. Some were my entry failures and some from misinterpreting the original manuscript (also my fault). Sorry to all who have bought this edition. Future releases will have these errors corrected and old ones still in stock will be destroyed :-( news.html#20160414 04/14/2016 Errata A couple more errors have surfaced in HV056 Pleyel Partita No. 4. SOme of the errors marked on the edition page are relating to the first print run and have subsequently been corrected on current editions. Please check anyway to make sure that you are up-to-date. Next print run will be corrected as listed. news.html#20160421 04/21/2016 Michael Norris sad news I have just heard that Michael Norris passed away last week. We have lost a fine wind composer whose music I have always enjoyed playing, especially the Bassoon Trios (Three Dances, and Three More Dances) which are some of the best ever composed for this combination. I had known Mike for many years and was privileged to have taken over his output of wind music; he will be sadly missed by me for his encouragement and help over the years. news.html#20160614 06/14/2016 Two trios by Daelli Two trios, HV155 and HV156, from Giovanni Daelli arranged from Attila the ninth opera of Verdi. news.html#20160626 06/26/2016 Geoffrey Hartley Trio The third trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon by Geoffrey Hartley now ready, No. 3 in D minor. Last two ready and will be released shortly. news.html#20160812 08/12/2016 Display problems We have been experiencing strange encoding problems that have just started which makes some accents and currency symbols not to display correctly. Apologies for this and I will try and resolve it as soon as I can. Not happening on my other sites so really not sure what is going on. news.html#20160831 08/31/2016 Nursery Rhymes Suite A fun wind quartet based on Nursery Tunes with optional piccolo and wood blocks (one or two players). news.html#20160831 08/31/2016 Display problems update I have been able to fix the display problem but my development server seems to have a hissy-fit and has deleted odd characters which means that there are a few spelling mistakes littered around the site. I will gradually get to these when I can. Sorry for the problems. news.html#20160901 09/01/2016 Geoffrey Hartley Trios The remaining trios for flute, clarinet and bassoon by Geoffrey Hartley now ready, No. 4 in A and No. 5 in B flat. news.html#20160907 09/07/2016 Albeniz Quartet A lovely arrangement of three movements from Albeniz's España for wind quartet. news.html#20161117 11/17/2016 New recording of Norris 6 Bagatelles A splendid new recording of Michael Norris' 6 Bagatelles for Bassoon Trio by Lesley Wilson et al on her CD "A Much-Travel'd Clown (Premiere Recordings of Scottish Bassoon Music)". news.html#20170206 02/06/2017 Soliloquy New work for Solo Flute by John Frith. "Soliloquy" is not for the faint hearted but is a rewarding addition to the solo flute repertoire. news.html#20170526 05/26/2017 Tamplini's "Melodie" "Melodie" on themes from Verdi's "I Lombardi alla prima Crociata" for bassoon and piano by Tamplini is a challenging piece but rewarding to play. news.html#20180122 01/22/2018 Torriani's "Fantasia" Fantasia on Themes from Verdi's "Lucrezia Borgia" for bassoon and piano by Torriani. Another challenging piece from the 19th century repertoire of operatic arrangements. news.html#20180316 03/16/2018 Winter Notebook "Winter Notebook" for recorders (1 player) and organ by Malcolm Pearce. A fine addition to the recorder repertoire. news.html#20180902 09/02/2018 Wind Trio A new edition of a wind trio from the 19th Century by Egisto Mosell: Duetto: "All'idea di quel metallo": "Il barbiere di Siviglia" di Rossini. news.html#20190312 03/12/2019 Coronavirus Due to the Coronavirus problems that we are all experiencing it is difficult for us to post orders. Please be patient until the current situation has been resolved. We will honour all orders but it may not be the 24 hours turn round that we normally strive to achieve. Thank you and stay safe. news.html#20200326 03/26/2020 New Wind Trio New work for oboe, bassoon and piano by John Frith. "A Cambrian Suite" is a lovely three movement piece that is very playable. Movements are: "Plynlimon","Elan Valley" and "Devil's Bridge Falls". news.html#20200807 08/07/2020 Recorder plays the Blues! New work for recorder and piano by John Frith. "Ballad and Blues" is an unusual work to appeal to all you budding players who want to try a bit of extemporising! Give it a try. news.html#20200807 08/07/2020 New Reduced Ensemble Edition In these COVID times there seems to be a need for arrangements to support smaller ensembles. Live music is important to us all and having the opportunity to attend concerts to experience suitably scaled works allows this to continue. They are also suitable for helping young conductors who wish to get experience with instrumental players, where larger ensembles are impossible because of the current restrictions. This new edition of Elgar's Enigma Variations (HV171) is designed for single players: wind quartet and string quintet. No brass, percussion and extra wind players (contra-bassoon etc) are used. The arrangement is by Oliver Kipp who is a tutor for the European Union Youth Orchestra and was premièred in Grafenegg Castle by members of the 2019 EUYO. news.html#20201109 11/09/2020 New Flier and Sounds I have added a new flier here. I have recently updated my sound output in Sibelius to use NotePerformer as it gives an improved sound for the examples. I will gradually work through the catalogue as I have time. news.html#20210115 01/15/2021 New recorder piece A new solo piece forTenor Recorder by Robert Peate. Not easy but very stylish and rewarding to play. news.html#20210708 07/08/2021 Errata There are a couple of errors in HV062 Schneider: Sextet No. 1 (manuscript not clear). Future releases will have these errors corrected. news.html#20210815 08/15/2021 Errata There is an error in HV072 Schneider: Sextet No. 6. Future releases will have this corrected. news.html#20210816 08/16/2021 New free edition (HV173) We are offering some free to download (PDF) editions of some selected works. The first is Václav Vincenc Mašek: Concerto in D for 3 Harpsichords and Wind (HV173). They are derived from manuscripts downloaded from IMSLP and are produced under a Creative Commons licence. Other works will follow in the next few months as they are completed. news.html#20220528 05/28/2022 New free edition (HV174) Another free to download (PDF) edition of Václav Vincenc Mašek: Concerto in E flat for 2 Pianos and Wind Sextet (HV174). news.html#20220615 06/15/2022 New free edition (HV175) This is a very light-weight piece for Solo Clarinet, flute/oboe, clarinet, 2 horns, and bassoon by Václav Vincenc Mašek. It is only about 5 minutes long and would be a fun encore piece for a talented clarinetist. news.html#20220620 06/20/2022 Updated HV174 I have updated the Piano II part for Václav Vincenc Mašek: Concerto in E flat for 2 Pianos and Wind Sextet (HV174) which had some spacing problems. news.html#20220810 08/10/2022 Updated HV174 Yet more updates on Piano II part for Václav Vincenc Mašek: Concerto in E flat for 2 Pianos and Wind Sextet (HV174). Problem this time was some spurious ninths in the slow movement. There is also a combined Piano I and Piano II part. news.html#20221015 10/15/2022