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Junior Ragtime
First Edition
bass clarinet/bassoon/bass clarinet, piano
Catalogue Number: HV012
Piano and bassoon/bass clarinet part: £10.00
Skill level (A-E): C
Junior Ragtime

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"Whilst recovering from a serious illness the staff and pupils of the Junior Department at the school where I teach sent me a massive get-well card surmounted by a small plastic grand piano. My gratitude for their care and concern was reciprocated in this fun piece of music in their honour. This homage to the ragtime style of Scott Joplin suits both the bassoon and bass clarinet equally well." Malcolm Pearce

What people say ...
"I really enjoyed playing 'Junior Ragtime' on the bass clarinet at [a] recent concert ... There is no question that the piece works equally well on the bass clarinet [and the bassoon] ... : the audience loved it! Thank you for providing a welcome addition to the repertoire."Anthony Jennings
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