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Clarinet Sonata
First Edition
clarinet, piano
Catalogue Number: HV021
Score and parts: £15.00
Skill level (A-E): E
1. Andante con moto
2. Andante affetuoso
3. Allegretto scherzando

Thanks to Tom Porter (clarinet) and Anne de Dadelsen (piano) for these recordings.

(Solo piano generated by Sibelius)

"My interest in the clarinet began when I was about ten years old. The 1950"s 'Trad. Jazz' revival was in full swing and it thrilled me to hear my favourite exponents weave their magic around a theme often high above the ensemble. This led me to take up the clarinet and form a school jazz band (although I ultimately became a professional French Horn player). For a place at Dartington College of Arts it became necessary to study the clarinet's classical repertoire: Mozart, Weber, Brahms and Finzi. Each drew me into their individual sound world — these were very exciting times. In this Sonata I have made a conscious reference to the F minor Sonata of Brahms; it occurs at the very opening of the first movement. Here the piano accompaniment figure later forms the second subject played by the clarinet at letter A. I have little doubt that most of my other formative influences are also represented in these three movements albeit at a subconscious level. "John Frith
Early editions had an error in the piano part, Bar 11, 2nd movement : Note error
First note, left hand should be an E flat tied from the previous bar.
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