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Mind Games
First Edition
treble recorder, piano
Catalogue Number: HV120
Duration: approx. 4 minutes
Score and parts: £12.00
Skill level (A-E): C

Recording on YouTube thanks to Tim Cranmore and Ruth Melhuish

This piece was written for and dedicated to the composer's wife Pamela for whom, in common with countless others, recorder playing provided the very first instrumental musical experience at primary school. The title "Mind Games" relates to the harmonic ambiguity of the music which is at one moment major, then minor, then off in quite another direction. This uncertainty is compounded by chromatic descending base lines from the piano which lends the music a feeling of instability only to be resolved in the final bar of unity. The piano is an equal partner in this enterprise often leading the soloist back to the main theme and some semblance of stability. Recorder players will need to bring a broad range of dynamics together with a fully developed chromatic range in order to meet the many challenges of this expressive piece.

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