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Three Cameos
First Edition
cor anglais/oboe, piano
Catalogue Number: HV122
Duration: approx. 6 minutes
Score and parts: £14.00
Skill level (A-E): C
Tempo di Valse

(Audio generated by Sibelius/NotePerformer)

John Frith writes: A good friend and cor anglais player asked me for a piece adding that he would like it to be in "F major and go no higher than a top 'C' above the stave." This humorous comment was duly noted and adhered to (despite subsequent deviation from the key of 'F') as was my pledge to limit the instrumental range. The haunting tones of the cor anglais are, for me, redolent of the rich aromas and vibrant colours of eastern culture. I had this particularly in mind when writing the third Cameo in 5/4 metre. Indeed, each of these movements should be considered music for the dance and will, therefore, benefit from an elegant and expressive style allowing time for the natural ebb and flow of imaginary dancers moving to the music. In order that oboists might also play and enjoy these pieces I have added parts which are, by and large, octave transpositions of the cor anglais original.

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