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Soliloquy for Solo Flute
First Edition
Catalogue Number: HV167
Duration: approx. 2½ minutes
Score: £10.00
Skill level (A-E): E+

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The composer writes: 'Soliloquy' was commissioned by my friend Franziska Badertscher who is passionate about playing and teaching the flute. She lives in Basel Switzerland and is an accomplished player and performer who enjoys a challenge. Consequently, this music is not for the faint-hearted as it embraces the techniques of 'triple-tonguing', 'flutter-tonguing', loud and low, quiet and high playing with many chromatic and technical passages into the bargain.

Although under three minutes in duration there is considerable scope here for both forceful and expressive playing within the broad dynamic range of 'ff' to 'ppp' (espressivo) in the final bar.

It is my hope that this short solo piece will harness the skills of talented players giving them, and their audiences, a sense of the richness of timbre and the various styles of playing that a modern flautist can offer in performance.

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